Four Sri Lankan terror suspects arrested at Luton Airport moments after arriving on an international flight

  • The four men arrived on an international flight in Luton on Wednesday night
  • Airport police detained the four men before the arrival of anti-terror officers
  • The Sri Lankans are currently being questioned in a Bedfordshire police station  

Four men have been arrested moments after they arrived in Luton Airport on board an international flight. 

Airport police arrested the men and handed them over to anti terrorism officers from the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command. 

The men, all Sri Lankan nationals, arrived in Luton on Wednesday evening. 

They are currently being held in a Bedfordshire police station. 

Scotland Yard confirmed the investigation is currently ongoing.  

Four men from Sri Lanka have been arrested by anti-terror police having arrived on an international flight to Luton Airport. The men are being questioned in a Bedfordshire police station.

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