UNP in talks with SLFP MPs to form new government

The UNP led UNF, was in discussion with some SLFP MPs to form a new government, UNP MP Nalin Bandara said yesterday.

He told a news conference in Colombo, that the proposed government would be formed on principles and polices aimed at strengthening democracy and developing the country. “We will select only MPs who are committed to fulfilling the good governance mandate given to us by the people and not those looking to make a fast buck.”

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution, he stressed, would be strengthened further, to ensure that the President, whoever it may be, would have to work in consultation with Parliament and not according to his or her whims and fancies.

JVP wants hunt for culprits

The JVP demands that a special parliamentary select committee be appointed to investigate the recent political coup to ascertain the persons who responsible for the crisis and to recommend punishments to them.

JVP Kalutara District MP Dr Nalinda Jayatissa told The Island that they would submit a motion to Parliament seeking its approval to appoint a PSC.

“Following coups commissions are appointed to ascertain causes and to punish the culprits. What we had witnessed on Oct 26 was the beginning of such a coup which brought the country into disrepute and its intention was to usurp power. Dr Jayatissa said that they would most probably submit the motion on Dec 18, when the House resumes sittings.

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