Facebook faces more troubling news, Sri Lanka

Good morning. Facebook faces more troubling news, Sri Lanka reckons with postwar mental health issues. Here’s the latest:

Sri Lanka’s long struggle to patch invisible wounds.
Nine years after the end of the island nation’s 26-year civil war, which killed more than 100,000 civilians, it’s still reckoning with the trauma and heartache.
The government estimates that about 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s roughly 22 million people suffer from some sort of mental disorder, with nearly 800,000 suffering from depression. Studies in the northeast, where much of the fighting was concentrated, found as many as 30 percent of children suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder around the end of the war.
For many, the trauma has been refreshed by the latest political crisis. Mahinda Rajapaksa, a former president who led a brutal offensive against the rebel Tamil Tigers, is back at the center of power, his face looming from posters on the street.
Our reporter followed a government psychiatrist, pictured above, who travels to villages around the country to help people piece their lives back together.

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