Namal follows Father Mahinda’s step in fooling the people – Mahinda’s SLPP MP’s ‘SECRET’ meeting of members of the international community

Canada’s High Commissioner David McKinnon called out Sri Lanka MP Namal Rajapakse for his comments on twitter today.

“Interesting to see UNP, JVP and TNA politicians meeting with the members of the international community. Perhaps if more effort was given towards meeting with the people of Sri Lanka and paying heed to their hope for elections, Sri Lanka can finally achieve its fullest potential,” Rajapakse tweeted.

McKinnon responded in kind to Rajapakse, citing double standards. “You might ask some of your Podujana Party (SLPP) colleagues who they’re meeting with,” he said in response.

The Oct. 26 Nominated government of President Sirisena was struggling to find international recognition, after losing two votes of no confidence in Sri Lanka’s parliament. Mahinda and his group who came to power by back door thought they can buy UNP, JVP and TNA MP’s but failed and are unable to show 113 MP’s support in the parliament. They behaved like thugs on the road and even assaulted the police officers and damaged assets in the parliament.

Mahinda was unable to buy UNP, JVP and TNA  MP’s and the public respects them for their honesty unlike the thuggery behaviour of Mahinda’s SLPP MP’s seen on Videos. Obviously because the power hungry Mahinda group only hope to stay in power is to call for early elections.

Mahinda and his son knows that calling for early election was against the countries constitution but they demand it, Din’t the two lawyers go to the Law college?

Namal Rajapaksa @RajapaksaNamal  ·  

Interesting to see @officialunp JVP & TNA politicians meeting with the int. community. Perhaps if more effort was given toward meeting with the people & communities of  & paying heed to their hope for  can finally achieve its fullest potential. 

David McKinnon@McKinnonDavid 

You might ask some of your @PodujanaParty colleagues who they’re meeting with.

Namal Rajapaksa ✔@RajapaksaNamal  · 
Reply – Unable to fool the members of the international community. We are used to fool the Sri Lankans only…………… typing….

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