READ : If Khan can, why can’t our leaders?

Among the decisions taken by the Imran Khan government in the last few weeks  are the following, unlike President Sirisena’s 100- day programme which he now claims he did not know who wrote it and is ignorant of some of its contents.

  • Officials to be named and shamed
  • Ban on first class travel for top officials, including Prime Minister and President 
  • Ban on business class travel for all government officials 
  • Ban on meals during official meetings 
  • Ban on purchase of cars 
  • Ban on recruitment of drivers 
  • Collect and auction all SUV’s being misused in government departments 
  • Government vehicles in shopping malls and outside schools and at residences to be photographed and reported for seizure 
  • Identify and name and shame those illegally using vehicles and staff at residences 
  • Ban on government functions in 4/5 Star hotels
  • Cancellation of all contractual re-employments over the age of 60 
  • Minimum use of stationery in office 
  • Limited use of air-conditioners in office; ACs will be switched on only after 11am and at 26 degree Celsius 
  • Minimum use of lighting fixers during office hours 

Some of this might be considered irrelevant or unimportant to us. But vital if the bureaucracy and other services are to be tamed and disciplined to halt waste and abuse like misuse of government vehicles for domestic duties.

It might be recalled that during the 2015 election campaigns how much noise was made by the yahapalanites about the waste of public funds and the enormous fiscal deficit they would be burdened with when in office.

READ : If Khan can, why can’t our leaders?

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