14 individuals linked to LTTE designated by Sri Lankan govt

The Government has issued an extraordinary gazette notification listing the names of 14 individuals living overseas with links to the LTTE and banning them from entering Sri Lanka, by placing them in the list of designated persons.

The amendment to the List of Designated persons under the United Nations Regulations No. 01 of 2012 has been made through a gazette issued by Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Kapila Waidyaratne.

Among the individuals included to the list are LTTE intelligence leaders ‘Seel Maran’, ‘Parathan’ and ‘Siranjeew Master’ as well as the terrorist organization’s international financial leader Sivasubramaniyam Jeyaganesh a.k.a Ganesh.

Inclusions to list of designated persons:
1. Nadaraja Sathyaseelan a.k.a Seel Maran
2. Kamalasinham Arunakulasinham a.k.a Kamal
3. Antonyrasa Antony Calistor a.k.a Parathan
4. Sivasubramaniyam Jeyaganesh a.k.a Ganesh, a.k.a Samraj
5. Ponnasami Paskaran a.k.a Jeyakaran
6. Velaudan Pradeepkumar a.k.a Kaleeban
7. Siwarasa Surendran a.k.a wadann
8. Sivagurunadan Murugadas a.k.a Kadirawan
9. Thirunilakandal Naguleshwaran a.k.a Pushpanadan
10. Maheshwaran Ravichandran a.k.a Mendis, a.k,a Thirukkumaran
11. Suresh Kumar Pradeepan
12. Kandasamy Krishnamoorthi, a.k,a Moorthi
13. Jeewarathnam Jeewakumar, a.k.a Siranjeew Master
14. Tony Jihan Murugesapillai

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