British MPs release messages to commemorate Mullivaikkal genocide

Several British MPs and other politicians have released messages of solidarity as the Tamil nation around the world marks Tamil Genocide Remembrance day today.

See some of their messages of support below.

Robert Halfon, Member of Parliament for Harlow said,

“On this very important day of remembrance, we should give our thanks to every member of the Tamil community who keep the flame of the Tamils alive.

And we remember all the tragic victims of the genocide of the Tamils. We remember all the awful treatment of the Tamils by the Sri Lankan regime. The Tamils deserve their autonomy. The Tamils deserve equality of opportunity. The Tamils deserve equality. One must never forget.”

Paul Scully, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, said,

“Even now, nine years on, we still have to get justice for the people who remain so that they can rebuild their lives, rebuild their future in Sri Lanka and elsewhere around the world. It’s very difficult to hear the stories of the survivors of Mullivaikkal, but we really do need to listen to them and redouble our efforts to get that justice.”

Zac Goldsmith, Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, stated that this day of remembrance was “in particular for the many tens of thousands of civilians who were killed in Vanni by Sri Lankan state forces at the very end of the war”.

“But we must also consider the t of those who survived. Particularly the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, of the disappeared.”  

“Many of them handed their children to the Sri Lankan military at the end of the war, fully expecting them to be released after a brief vetting process. That was the last time many of them saw their children. 9 years later the Sri Lankan military has provided no answers. So on this Mullivaikkal remembrance day, I want to send my support to those mothers, who have been protesting peacefully and calling on the Sri Lankan state to release their children.”  

Former parliamentarian Lee Scott released a short message stating that, “Justice will be done and I will always be by your side”.


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