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Sri Lanka prohibited from engaging in any activity with North Korea

Sri Lanka adopts Security Council resolution on DPRK SL prohibited from engaging in any activity with NK

Two butterflies with flags on wings as symbol of relations North Korea and Sri Lanka

The Government on Friday issued a Gazette notification based on the 2017 Regulation of the United Nations’ Sanctions, on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), citing that Sri Lankans are prohibited from engaging in any activities with the DPRK.

The regulations were framed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs under Section 2 of the United Nations Act No. 45 of 1968.
The Foreign Ministry said, that all Security Council member countries are bound to implement the SC’s resolutions and so, Sri Lanka made it effective locally to implement the UN sanctions on the DPRK as per the resolution.

The UN Security Council Resolution 1718 (2006), and the modifications and strengthening of the Resolution, by the subsequent resolutions, emphasized that proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons as well as their means of delivery constitute a threat to international peace and security and reaffirm that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shall suspend all activities related to its nuclear and ballistic missile programme.

The regulations brought on Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka or overseas State that, they are prohibited from supplying, selling or transferring, directly or indirectly, any item or any luxury item designated by the United Nations Security Council or the Committee (hereinafter referred to as ‘designated item or designated luxury item’) to any person in the DPRK or any person acting on behalf of the DPRK, whether or not the item originated in Sri Lanka.

A person in Sri Lanka or a citizen of Sri Lanka outside Sri Lanka shall not provide public and private financial support for trade with the DPRK, including the granting of export credit, guarantees or insurance to a person involved in trade with the DPRK, one of the regulations stated.

A person in Sri Lanka and a citizen of Sri Lanka outside Sri Lanka shall not provide bunkering services, supplies,servicing, leasing or chartering of vessels or crew services of vessels to the DPRK.

It also notes that Sri Lankans should not cause or permit a vessel or an aircraft to be used for the purpose of carrying out such activities.

The regulation also imposes prohibition on Sri Lankans from procuringt of coal, iron ore, copper, nickel, silver and zinc, or statues from the DPRK or apply to register vessels in the DPRK or obtain authorization for a vessel to use the DPRK flag; own, lease, operate any vessel flagged by the DPRK; provide any vessel classification, certification or associated service, for any vessel owned, controlled, or operated, including through illicit means, by the DPRK; or provide insurance or re-insurance services to vessels owned, controlled, or operated, including through illicit means, by the DPRK.

It also points out that Sri Lankans should not receive technical training, advice, services or assistance related to the provision, manufacture, production, possession, acquisition, maintenance, stockpiling, storage, development, transportation, transfer or use of any designated item from any person in the DPRK.

As per the resolution, Sri Lankans are prohibited from dealing with any funds, other financial assets or economic resources that belong to or are wholly or jointly owned, held or controlled by a designated person or entity or any other person or entity acting on behalf of or at the direction of such designated person or entity.

It also notes that the Competent Authority in Sri Lanka should impose expulsion of DPRK diplomats; representatives of the DPRK government; other DPRK nationals acting in a governmental or representative office capacity; foreign nationals that are working on behalf or at the direction of a designated person or designated entity; an individual or entity assisting in sanctions evasions or violating the resolutions; an individual working on behalf of or at the direction of a DPRK bank or financial institution for the purpose of repatriation to the DPRK or to the individual’s state of nationality respectively.

The regulation also notes that Sri Lanka should not open a DPRK diplomatic mission or appoint consular post or consular officer.
In September 2017, the UN Secretary General in New York, while addressing the General Assembly, said that Millions of people live under a shadow of dread cast by the provocative nuclear and missile tests of North Korea and within the DPRK itself, such tests do nothing to ease the plight of those who are suffering hunger and severe violations of their human rights.

He also condemned those tests unequivocally and called on the DPRK and all Member States to comply fully with Security Council resolutions.

He pointed out the recent unanimous adoption of resolution 2375 that tightens sanctions and sends a clear message regarding the country’s international obligations.


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